Business Insurance

Business insurance from Williams-Manny Insurance Group helps protect you from many risks that can lead to a devastating loss. Our business insurance staff has expertise to help you with your basic to most complex insurance needs.

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Personal Insurance

You can depend on Williams-Manny Insurance Group representatives to find a plan or plans that fit into your life. Our agents get to know you on a personal level to build an insurance package that will meet your needs.

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Employee Benefits

Companies rely on our benefits consultants to stay on top of the changing landscape of health insurance. Decision makers look to us to provide a full range of benefits including group medical insurance, dental plans, and more.

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Individual Health & Medicare

Getting health insurance individually can be a confusing process. With all the recent changes to health care it can be difficult to find out where to begin. We have years of insurance experience to guide you through the process of protecting your health.

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Mission Impossible? Updating Your Mission Statment

Any organization that has been around for a number of years has undoubtedly gone through change. New products and services. New logos. New staff. New locations. We grow and evolve to satisfy customer needs.

But how often is the mission statement (which contains the platform for an organization’s purpose and philosophy) examined? Has it evolved with the organization? After all, a mission statement should guide internal decision-making by answering the basic question of what good for whom, or said another way, why do we do what we do. Employees should be able to look to the mission statement each day and gather a clear sense of direction and understanding of their job.

Affordable Care Act Individual Mandate Update 2015

 The enrollment period for individual policies continues until February 15th, 2015.  During this enrollment time you have the ability to enroll in new coverage, make changes to your existing coverage and make adjustments to your subsidy (if you qualify for a subsidy.)  If your household income is below 400% of the Federal Poverty Limit you may qualify for a subsidy to help you pay for your health insurance premium and if your income is below 300% you may also receive a reduction in your deductible on your health plan.

Williams-Manny offers a broad spectrum of personal and business insurance products and services for companies of all sizes

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